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Monday, January 16, 2012

A challange to myself..!

I’ve been a lil bit busy with a group in dA. Creating original character for an application of a computer graphic teacher's post. I’ve introduced her to u guys in previous post, Eleeyz Frozt. Successfully, she’s been accepted into the academy and will start teaching computer graphics right away (this is just an imaginary life so dun bother much about it).

Yesterday, I’ve done creating another character, also for the same group. But this time I’m planning on enrolling him into the academy as a student. For now, I’ve done him in casual so I’ll put him here after I’m done with his uniform. Okey, let them be..haha.

Well, this post is basically about what I’ve been through for the past few months and it’s definitely related to the drawing thingy. I dunno whether I have a big problem or not BUT….! I TEND TO DRAW ONLY BOYSSSSS…!!!! I dunno whether I have the ability or strength to draw girls anymore. I can draw girls but everytime I’ve started drawing them..the feelings to draw more and finish it kinda.. abruptly fade away.. (=_=)’’’’’

Lalalala, I'll definitely make it a real girl. Draw2..draw.. draw.. ~~

Harrrrssshhhh, kinda weird..! Erase2...erase.. ~~

Eyh??? A boyyy??? (_ _)''''''''

So, I’ll end up drawing tomboys or boyish characters..to make it worse, they turn out to be real boys.. Arghhhhh, please!!! Cud somebody tell me whether I’m having psychological problems or not..?? Huuuuu..

I’ve challenged myself a lot. I must and have to draw girls..! MUST and HAVE TO!!! But it only last for few seconds.. I’ll eventually end up drawing boys………….repeatedly..!

A friend asked me..

“You haven’t drawn girls lately right?”

“Yes I have, I’ve drawn few girls..”

“I mean, a normal girl, not a tomboy or a boyish one. A girl with 36 24 36 body portion.. Have you?”

“Errrrr…I think I have..”

“Show me..”

Then, I browsed my files and looked for girls’ drawing……………………………………….. I CAN’T FIND ANY OF ‘EM ANYMORE..!!! Dangggg..!!! TTT^TTT

All of them are only boys and boyish girls….!!!! 
*cries in corner*

Boys..boys..boys..! Full of em..! *sigh*

These are all boyish characters.. For me, they still look girlish but from other's eyes, they look manly enough to confuse them..it's a boy or a girl.. 
*sigh again*

So, for now…I’m going to challenge myself again..! I WILL draw girls, a truly girly girl..(just hearing it already destroys my enthusiasm..Oh, god, help meee..! I dun want to be an ikemen violater..!)..BUT right after I’m done with the character for the group..hehe..

We’ll see how the challenge goes within one week's time. Yoshhhhh..!!! Gambaruzoooooo..!!!

Psssstttt, dun bother on my ugly english..Huh!


  1. i can feel you.. XD..
    don't worry much.. practise makes perfect.. :D

  2. thanks..^^
    but tend to draw boys only.. TT^TT

  3. haha,, lucu plop sero bacoo .. sie molek,, haha,, xpo2,, usaha lagii .. boleh la punyerr,,, =)

  4. sie ork..huuuu..
    haitttt..! gambarimasss..! ^^

  5. huhu, we both need more practices I guess.. TT^TT

  6. keep it up lee kun... do more practices and wish u all the best.. :)

  7. bro,
    '24' tu rampengg sangat le! (",)

  8. hahaha, ye meyh? tatawla plak..bkn bese org suke mention 36 24 36 ker? hahaha.. XP

  9. Vogue sangat artwork awak... Saya riview blog awak dekat sini..


    Jemput la tengok ya... Check out my bloglist... You're in it.. ^__^

  10. uwwwaaahhh, terharula..thanx for the review.. ^^

    x penah sangka blog yg x sberapa ni akan ada org nk review..huuu.. TT^TT