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Super Human

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Miserable thoughts..

We’re strangers at first..
The only thing I know is..
That ur exist..
Become friends was the last thing cud happened..
That was my tot back then..

Before I know it..
Ur tease drawn us closer..
We become friends and my tot was proved wrong..
I told myself not to fall in love with u..
I know I can do it..
Again, that was my tot back then..

As time went by..
We become closer friends..
And foes in the same time..
Fights cudn’t leave us apart..

Again, before I know it,
I’ve developed something for u..
But it wasn’t clear at that time..

I....do love u..
But only as friend..
Again, that was my tot...back then..

Before I know it..
I’ve gained courages..
And I confessed..
U didn’t give any answer..
Becoz I didn’t give any Q that needs an answer..
But deep down I know..
I'm not more than a friend to u..

I just said.. “ I like u..”
So, u will no longer unintentionally toy my feelings..
Again, that was my tot..

But nothing changes..
Thanx to u..
We’re still friends..
My confession was meaningless..
It’s better to stay as friends..
Again, that was my tot..

Again, before I know it..
It hurts a lot..
Accidentally, I’ve put a small gap between us..
I need to protect my heart..
And stop hoping for something impossible..
Again, that was my tot..

Before I know it,
the gap is getting bigger..
we barely talk to each other..
I'm starting to miss u even when u're just before my eyes..
But that’s fine,
It won’t hurt anymore..
Again, that was my tot..

Now, we’re like strangers..once again..
I guess the blame is on me..
And I was wrong..
Coz it still hurts..
And the pain is greater..
I missed the moment..cyusly..

Just 1 thing..

which I really wish I can tell you by looking directly into ur eyes..
"I hope u'll find someone u really love..
and I wish nothing but the best on you..
Dun forget to invite me to ur wedding day.."
...without startling,
smiling freely and sincerely..

Yeah, I’m a girl after all.. (_ _)’’’’’

Pssssttt, my english is getting worst..! Sorry for that...