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Super Human

Monday, July 4, 2011

The Duel

~ The duel ~

The crowds started gathering around the basketball court in the park. Nobody knows what actually was happening. All they could see is two people with their office outfit still wrapped around their body in the early evening.

"That's MVP of last year summer basketball league, rite?" one of the audience voices out what he knows.

"Yeah, it's Murasame Dan! Didn't recognize him in that blue shirt.."

"Isn't the guy in black is Kisaragi Keigo...nearby college's coach?"

"Ahhh...soooo!!!" most of the audience started mumbling among themselves.

"Errrr...but why they're having a one on one match in the first place??"

"Neah, who cares...! As long as we have something intriguing to see here...! Come on, let’s cheer for them!!”

The crowds started hustling for the duel. 

Nearby, Yukie and her best friend, Mai were passing by. Seeing all the crowds wondered them. Yukie got a spot for a sneak peak among the crowds.

"KEIGOOOOO????" she recognizes the guy in black, her mentor.

".....Yukie..the other guy is..." Mai's  finger pointing towards the other guy in blue.

"DAAAANNNN????? What's in the world those two stupid guys are doing???" Dan was Yukie's senior in high school.

"How many balls they're playing?" Mai asked one of the girls in the crowds.

"I've heard it's 7 ball..."

"Who's at advantage?"

"The guy in blue... 3 to 1"

Yukie's eyes widened. "That's not possible.. How can Dan leads?"

"I've also heard that if that guy in black lose, he will have to quit himself..."

"Quit? From what?"

"I dun know but they mentioned a girl's name..  Quit being the mentor of that girl, something like Yuri or Yuki.."

"Wh...what???" Yuki frowned. "Then..he can't lose... He just can!!!" she whispered slowly..

"Hey Keigoooo!!!! If you lose, prepare yourself to die!!! Cos I'll kill you myself!!! Darn it!!!"

Both Keigo and Dan were distracted for a while..

Keigo put a smirk on his face...suddenly.

"Then, u'll also have to prepare urself..coz if I win, I'll make your life even worse than before...!" he shouted back to Yukie.

"Urghhh..Just win already!"



  1. WOAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KAKKOI......................................

  2. kakkoi jan??? hehehehe...arigatouuu..!

    kalau dpt pakwe cmni sorg best giler ah.. XP

  3. aih...do a comic already la anty!!! best seller ni!sumpah smart jate hok baju putih tuh

  4. dah ada dah tp cincai punyer and br st page..hahaha...

    katang ahh..! XP