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Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Taste

~ The Taste ~

Its Kiyo and Kidou..

“I can’t believe that the’ve tricked us!” Kiyo grunted. Looks like that she had ignores the Nescafe can Kidou handed to her. They’re supposed to hang out with other members of the team but when the time comes no one showed up accept for both of them.

“So...dun wanna hang out with me? And wanna go home?” Kidou asked. He opened one of the can and drink it. 

“Can we?”

“So, u dun like to hang out with me?” 

“It’s not that..”

“Then u like to hang out with me...”

“I didn’t say that neither..”

“Then what is it actually..” 

They kept walking as they talks.

“Neah, never mind. It’s not a date anyway..” Kiyo reach out for her Nescafe can, supposedly.

Kidou pulled away the can. “ Hey..!”

“Who said this isn’t a date?” 


“But I say it’s a date..”

“Supposely, a date is between a man and a woman..”

“Then, I’m the man, you’re the woman..”

Kiyo laughed while still trying to reach out for her Nescafe. “Give me that! I dun see any woman in me..”

“Take this one..!” this time Kidou handed her the can that he had already drink half of it.

“Give me the new one! I dun want yours..!”

“Not giving you the new one! Just drink from whatever you have..Hahaha..” Kidou laughed. 

“No fair!!!”

They kept fighting for the new can as they were draw closer to each other. Kidou suddenly stopped while his arm wrapped around Kiyo’s shoulder, trying to reach out for the new can which was already in Kiyo’s hand. 

“Hey Kidou...!”

“I don’t see any woman accept you..”

To be continue...

*         *               *          *            *            *              *             *   

Hahaha, acah jek. Just a simple story to explain a lil bit on the pict since so many speculations have been made. Hahaha..

So, not much to say.. Just enjoy.. 

Oh yeah, I'll just leave what happen next to your imaginaton.. XP


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