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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Baller's goodies

Hello there..

I have nothing interesting to offer here..except for few pictures..

I've snapped pictures of my basketball jerseys..I only have few of them and wish to have more.. ^^
Oh yeah, I'm so damn lazy to edit them..so I just put raw pictures here..

These are all of them. I have a lot more jerseys but they're not basketball jerseys.

The one I love the most is the one with USMKK on it's back.. I don't know why.. Maybe because it's sentimental value.. or simply just because of it's price.. XP

Through out all the years of my basketball life, I have a lot of shoes with me.. In those early years, I just used running shoes for basketball and they only stand for 3-4 months. They all got torn out during their 4th month of serving my foot. Silly me, still haven't thought on getting basketball shoes..huuu. I never think of myself as a basketball player, that's why I never tot I wud wear a proper shoes for basketball training..it was few years back then.

But now, things have changed a little bit..not much though but I manage to buy a proper basketball shoes..which is affordable and suitable.. I was planning to buy something from Adidas, Nike or even Air Jordan but looking at my level, it's not worth it to spend too much on branded ones.. TT^TT

So, I just have to satisfy with my Admiral now.. ^^

What are there inside a baller's car? XP

This one is quite old..and I'm using it for training.

This is the one I used in official games.

The ball is also a new one..I'm happy to have one of my own and kinda regret for not having it earlier.. TT^TT

This one wasn't meant for basketball I guess..but looks like one..I might use it for basketball..who knows.. XP

So, basically you will only find these things inside my car...and yeah, a few  pieces of CD with J-rock songs.. XP

Well, there's nothing else I could tell you except for..

"I just happened to love basketball....passionately...."